1800’s African American Slave Families

Ole to our powerful ancestors for overcoming centuries of pain, grief, loss, and subjugation, while we continue to struggle with officer-involved violence, the quest for voting rights, diversity of jury pools, equity in the justice systems, and inclusion in the workplace, banks, business loans, home loans, and food availability. Don’t give up, continue to struggle and strive for greatness, work together not apart, uplift others, downplay shortcomings, and celebrate small victories, we are moving forward – Global Majority “Powerful People! Be your own leader.

Our Queens provided the backbone for the building of this Nation, Our Men gave their blood and sweat beyond fears costing their lives for their loved ones, continuing to be captured, incarcerated, and unfairly overcharged and convicted in many cases of crimes they did not commit, as they return to communities of change and lacking the respect afforded them upon their capture. In lieu of this harm, together we have raised generations of new leaders with the compassion to lead even those who have violated our minds, enslaved our bodies but will never break our spirits. Continue to Move, Groove, and build progress towards a better world.

With Love and Remembrance

Recoach – Peoples-Plan @ The BLUES REPORT

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