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Respect for Community.



James Baldwin and Paul Weiss Debate Discrimination In America | The Dick Cavett

James Baldwin speaks truth to power and systematic Racism – an important perspective!

Genealogist Who Tracks Down Modern-Day Slavery Practices

Genealogist Who Tracks Down Modern-Day Slavery Practices

Lester Maddox Storms Off The Show | The Dick Cavett Show


Lester Maddox and Jim Brown Get Into Heated Debate on Segregation | The Dick Cavett

A debate between a publically stated racist Lester Maddox, Governor of Georgia, and Jim Brown, Professional NFL Star, Community Organizer, and Activist. These debates go on daily, however, I want to make it easy for you to find the jewels. Teach, learn and grow, post your thoughts.

Timeline of Insurection January 6th, 2021

We often talk about the insurrection – a term rarely used in America to define the aftermath of a Presidential election, why did this happen, does it have to do with the outrage of racism experienced by citizens of African descent? Is this an attempt to make America great again or is it just a few PROUD BOYS getting off a little steam not willing to take the L of the presidential election? Was this a violent insurrection or a straight-up riot on the capital” Was this an attempt to overturn the very Government created by those who planned to overturn it or is this more of a one-off type system centered on making America Great Again? Great again for whom? in fact what is so bad about America that citizens felt the need to destroy that which put in place the laws and norms that actually give them power. Let’s examine this together – post your thoughts?

Insurrection timeline

Community Forum on Gun Violence Oakland Ca.

A throwback from my street work in Oakland Ca. Town Hall Forum coming soon to Seattle! Let’s talk about gun violence, the carceral state, and its impact on our communities. The time is now! to volunteer, partner, or sponsor email:, call 1-253 250-8507

African Americans visit Ghana

Many African Americans Visit Africa with an intent to feel home, to touch the soil in which we’ve come, to make the pilgrimage back to the motherland. Some who make the journey realize, why should we return to America? a land that does not love them, yes it is the land of milk and honey for some, for others specifically black people maybe its the nightmare that we’ve become accustomed to accepting. Listen watch and learn from the ex-patriots of the 54 country continent “Africa” who have chosen to go back to the continent to live, build and become settled. I have been told that African Americans are certainly treated like Americans and have expectations of Africa similar to that of America the rude and at times painful awakening is that we are treated as visitors until we build enough social, business, and contributing presence to be welcomed home. What are your thoughts can or would you consider making the journey home to visit? or to stay? Listen to those who haveing the journey home!

Training New Leaders

Starts with self! Training new leaders require patience, understanding, and space for growth and development. Remember, you don’t know everything, however, you both know some things, it’s the collective wisdom and knowledge that makes the biggest difference in the lives of leaders young and elder. We must not compete for the affection and attention of…

A Lion Tells His Tale

A Lion Tells his Tale  Staged Reading of The Lion Tells His Tale Tickets, Sat, Mar 26, 2022 at 2:00 PM | Eventbrite

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