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Some of us were fortunate enough to be alive and able to walk March the walk March listen to Martin Luther King when he visited Seattle. Many young leaders today did not have the opportunity to meet listen to and be inspired by doctor Martin Luther King.  In the minds and hearts of many are just the digital historical memory is gold memorabilia that they learn about in Schools, Churches, and stories passed down by grandmothers and fathers at family dinners.  See the attached digital historical contact historical context of Martin Luther king’s visit to Seattle in the sixties let’s get insight let’s do our work To understand the amazing civil rights movement to movement and one who was prepared into a leadership position thereof.

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Remembering The Real Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dir King spoke about money being a tool of effectiveness and was not afraid to speak this truth to power. When you build a movement many people are involved in making that movement happen to include the raising of significant resources, when you are prepared into a leadership position your views are reflective of the multitude of people who supported that vision moving forward. As black leaders more specifically we have to be careful about how we attack one another views, strategies to succeed, how we support one another because what we consider to be disorganizing tools such as money seem to only be disorganizing tools for those leaders who control the dollars and avoid the conversation about how we might share it with community, may in fact just be building tools such as money and access.   How we use or abuse these tools share our truest perspectives. To build or break movements is Is predicated on how we use The tools that are at our disposal. Money, power, leadership are tools, and if we don’t use the tools properly then we become fools as followers of the pipe dream as opposed to a transparent, open, honest, mutually respectful collaboration.

It’s easy to get caught up in the drunkenness of power Is and control when in fact the successful movements of the past current and future will be predicated on humility and leadership, the openness of sharing ideas through the “ideation” process.

Uplift the Legacy – Speaker of Truth “Man of Integrity”

In building upon what I’ve learned from the wise counsel, mentors and colleagues are the coordinates of success:

Trust, Respect, Integrity, Consistency, Knowledge of Self-Esteem. Efficacy – the ability to learn from our experiences from customers, friends, and colleagues to know better and do better.  Let’s learn from one another, love one another cone another, build one another, and collaborate with one another to create better leadership with one another and listen to elders, young leaders, and followers alike. Integrity is really essential and the perspectives we levy into the community make a significant difference.

Let not allow leaders to burn the house down on the way out while others need to live in it. “Power will corrupt you”, I know it as fact, I’ve seen myself, my peers, and our current leaders corrupted by power, “be careful leaders” the same forces and institutions that build your perceived sense of power are the same organizations and institutions attacking your stability and physical health on the back end.

Melvin King, Ph.D. organizer, professor, and agitator teaches us, there’s a stark difference between the image of power and true power. Money and position provide an image of power predicated on how we use the tools. The people and principled leadership to create true power as exhibited by Malcolm X, Dr. MLK, Harriet Tubman, Marcus Garvey, James Baldwin, Rosa Parks, Madam C.J. Walker, Fredrick Douglas, John Lewis to name a few and modern-day leaders such as Labron James, Spike Lee, JayZ, Oprah, Tyler Perry and more and if you/they choose the path of integrity as opposed to the path indignation we will all win. In closing remember the greatest nation on earth is imagination, let’s imagine a better world with awesome leadership and collaboration focused on we the people, not me the person.

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