Digital Black History

The Lost African Metropolis Of Mapungubwe | Secrets Of The Sacred Hill | Timeline

  • The Podcast

African History 1492

Akala (African History) 

Black History: An Afrocentric View by John Henrik Clarke (1973)

Ex-Slaves Talk about Slavery (Powerful and Startling) 

Ex-Slaves speak about their experiences

The Forgotten cowboys! They were called cowboys clearly because they were not treated as men they were addressed as Boys. this would further prove portions of histories that are untold. Rufus Green, Leo Frank, and other names of the great champions, experts, and skilled cowboys. Rodeos excluded Black Men from participating in rodeos in many cases, not as a result of the fellow cowboys (whites) but the towns where the rodeos were presented. The excellence of Murdus Dickman and “Willie Thomas” Rodeo men rode with no hands, broke 50-60 bulls in a row without being thrown. These men were tough, rigorous, and strong. Listen to these heroic brothers and their stories of the heroic rise, skill and excellence of these champions Charlie Sampson, 1982 first official Black world champion and Fred Whitfiled won 5 or 6 all around chompionships. Learn, grow and share!

Racial Segregation and Concentrated Poverty


James Baldwin

OUr leaders come in all shapes sizes genders and orientations. Let’s listen to the powerful discourse of James Baldwin a writer with 20 books novels and countless excellent literary brilliance such as the Amen Corner, I am not your negro, and more. Let’s embrace all of our leaders in their black brilliance.

Black History of the United State of America

Angela Davis

Angela Davis on abolishing prisons and the complex that cages our black and brown bodies, a great orator, organizer, Black Panther, and scholar. Let’s lift our sister in the historic legacy of Black Brilliance. Our leaders come in all shapes sizes, perspectives hues, and orientations, give respect and honor their brilliance.



60’s revolutionary Leaders Speaking out

Black Commercials of the ’70s Images and portrayals of Black Culture  

Black Commercials 70’s & 80’s 

Jackie Robinson in His own Words 

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