Protest (we saw it coming)

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Baltimore Protest gone wrong

There are many things we can call each other that offend and upset us, however, there’s no excuse for old-school fighting to prove your point. We must find better ways to teach our children to protest at the ballot boxes, to use words as tools not weapons, and to display sparks of humanity, not inhumanity. Let’s not get caught up in our feelings, let’s vote with our feet at the ballot boxes, let’s change the legislation that holds us in bondage and work to heal the wounds of the pst crating joy and unity towards a brighter future. America is becoming brown, don’t frown, embrace the change, I promise you we will not treat you as we’ve been treated. Have patience, understanding, and awareness of the frustrations that have bound our ability to move into the greatness we are destined to receive. Let’s pursue peace.

We are changing the narrative one circle at a time

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