The Aftermath of Violence

Why and how do we understand the glorification of violence within our own communities? Is is a diminishing value of black life? is it a sense that the consequences are not as high when we take a black life from our own community as opposed to that of another/ Violence is never a good solution, however why is it used so frequently by the largest most robust countries in the world? Why are our young black and brown boys sent off to fight, learn to use high caliber weapons, learn the tenants of war as opposed to learning the core elements of peace, restorative justice and collaboration? What would happen if we shift our teaching, using the military as a tool to learn peaceful means of collaboration, community, connection as opposed to conquering others without the means to defend themselves?

Lasheena Speaks out, FBG DUCK’s Mother with

The back story is rarely heard or seen, listen to the story of a grieving mother, what went sideways, what are the struggles, listen to the struggle, the challenges, the heartbreak and the pain. We should never forget the aftermath of violence in our communities.

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