Impacts of the Carceral State

There’s a target on the backs of black men, the target has no generational protection other than “faith” in a system that allows you to raise with no limit, there are laws and norms within the systematic oppressions impacting your ability to live free even within ordinances designed to insure that you are judged by a jury of your peers. “The carceral state” is a term that many of us are unfamiliar with – learn, grow, evolve to know the law, now your rights and operate in life knowing that oppression will never allow us to be treated fairly within or outside of the system. Violence is never an option in our community too many of us struggle from (PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), PTSS (Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome) to results of these conditions create anxiety, anger and unresolved issues within you that result of a false sense of resolution through violence. Weather Louisiana, Des Moines Washington, Seattle, Tacoma, Kent Federal Way, gun violence is never the correct option. There are always victims beyond the bullets

Children and Families are Victims too:

there’s no sense of justice, fairness or true opportunity for generational wealth and health without faith. Our Grandchildren are now victims of this senseless violence.

Some of us are out here doing the best we can given our circumstances – Master P serves as one of many examples.

complete trust or confidence in someone or something. “this restores one’s faith in politicians “synonyms: trust · belief · confidence · conviction · credence ·  reliance  · dependence · optimism · hopefulness · hope · expectation strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof. “bereaved people who have shown supreme faith” synonyms: religion · church · sect  · denomination · persuasion ·  [more]a system of religious belief. “the Christian faith” synonyms: religion · religious belief(s) · religious persuasion · [more]a strongly held belief or theory. “the faith that life will expand until it fills the universe”

Violence in South King County

I pray for the mothers, sisters and brothers, suffering from losses of loved ones, Friends who lost confidants and community members. Just remember you are a target, and to protect yourself and others from the rise of community violence, in justice, tyranny and doom, we must have faith in the most high, You are kings and queens, rulers and managers, business men and women, lovers of family, truth, community and life let’s act like it.

Bout that Action Boss (Town Business) It’s a Life Style!

Many organizations are fighting to ensure that you have direction and protection from these damaging results such as violence, re-incarceration, yes – we were incarcerated when we were stolen from our homelands, incarcerated when we fall prey to red lining, credit death and insurrections, in addition to the industrial prison complexes of the new lands. So, listen, learn , build grow and connect check out and volunteer with,,,, but Bring Your “bag of faith” BY-BOF/BOF

Faith, Fun, Family & Future – Forever

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