Raylin James Raw Interview (Ellensburg WA.)


Raylin James – Fights for Justice and Freedom in Washington State Courts, is he being treated with fairness? Does his melanated skin provide a glaring disadvantage? How can we support his journey?  After 16 months behind bars, Jaylin continues to proclaim his innocence while the blindfolded Just Us continues to treat him like a marginalized citizen.  His fight for justice is a little different than that of, Oscar Grant, Bryonna Taylor, and the many more lives lost, caught up in the carceral state. The significant difference is “he’s alive, he’s strong, he’s fighting for his freedom and he can tell his story in his own words, listen to the microaggressions he experiences within the carceral system, Judges, Prosecutors, and Law Enforcement investigators exercising a legal privilege, stronger than most systems in this country and the world “The Legal Carceral System. In this case, it’s not only the police, it’s the prosecutor, the judges, and the entire system that will fail him just as it did Kalif Browder.  

I’m not an attorney,  a judge, or a law enforcement officer but I know how to listen for injustice, criminal behavior, and bias when I hear it, Do you?


Murdered veteran ‘fingered’ two JBLM soldiers now charged in his death for a ‘drug incident’ last year, the affidavit says (armytimes.com)

On his Final Night, Army Veteran Celebrated his Birthday with Two Soldiers Now Charged in his Death | Military.com

Fundraiser for Jennifer Draper by Jennifer Draper: Justice for Raylin James (gofundme.com) 

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