GEM Glover Mentoring Empowerment Youth Speak


The true testament of a program and a Man is the true reflection of those impacted by the program and the man.  Kira Thomas participant and volunteer at GEM provides insights into how and what GEM does for youth in the Pudget Sound Region. She also provides insight into reimagining resources to support youth and programs like GEM. Thank you Kira for your insights and wisdom. GEM ( 

 In 2014, Kendrick co-founded Glover Empowerment Mentoring (G.E.M.), a mentoring program aimed at the service of youth in the Kent and Puget Sound Region. Kendrick was nearly aligned with his purpose, yet as Maya Angelou said, “Courage is the most important of all the virtues.”


The Glover EmpowerMentoring (GEM) team provides an opportunity for a reduction in suspension time to students with long-term suspensions lasting a minimum of five days. GEM uses the understanding of the ABC (Attendance, Behavior, Course performance) early warning indicators as a guide for student success. Youth enrolled in this program will be given a chance to look at the behaviors that resulted in his or her suspension. By focusing on the root cause of the behavior and identifying goals, will improve relationships. Coursework approved by Kent School District (KSD) will be accessible for students to complete math, science, and language arts while they are not present on campus. — Send in a voice message:


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