Ishmael Geter, Liaison Black Action Coalition- Interview “Carceral State”


A committed Community Builder & Organizer  Ishmael Geter, Produced by Reco Bembry, Sponsored by B.U.I.L.D. @

“Black Action Coalition is pretty much a group of like-minded people who wanted to come together and continue to advocate for Black lives [who are] facing systemic oppression,” Ishmael Geter, a liaison for BAC, said. “This is a community-based, volunteer-led, group that’s out here advocating for police reform [and] resource allocation. Trying to put it back into communities that are being underserved, which today are Black and Brown communities and Indigenous communities. Source:  South Seattle Emarad

In America, since colonization, Black and Indigenous people have bared an affront to their lives and their cultures. We march to bring awareness to this systemic & societal oppression so that we may heal through transformation. Source – Facebook  — Send in a voice message:


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