IACT – Certificate Celebration Interviews with Community Builders

Introduction to Healing Experience – R. Bembry, Dr. Maxine Mimms – Legend & Elder, Lakema Bell- Seattle Parks and Recreation, Manager II, Trae Holiday – Converge Media, Community Organizer, Imani – Rooted in the CD Black Owned Business. Ancestral Healing (iactnow0119.com)


Healing Circle Facilitator The AH Healing Circle Facilitator training is based on African Centered Thought. IACT  believes that Healing Circles are key in helping families and individuals cope and meet a variety of the mental and emotional challenges that impact mental wellness, especially as a key to a balanced lifestyle among Black families post-Covid-19. The purpose of the  AH Circles is to provide safe spaces for participants to vent and share internal and external experiences that impede the progression of mental wellness in their environments. There is no degree requirement for this Training. Certificate granted. Ancestral Healing (iactnow0119.com)

Ancestral Healing (iactnow0119.com)

Founder and President Orisade Awodola,  is a Root Psychologist, Author, Lecturer, Researcher.  Her former background as a journalist and Investigative News Reporter led to a career in Mental Health. She has an extensive clinical and academic background in psychology and mental health approaches as a former clinical mental health therapist and substance abuse counselor specifically trained in co-occurring disorders/dysfunction. She the founder of the Institute of African Centered Thought (IACT), where she created and teaches Root Psychology, Ancestral Healing, and African Spirituality based on the Ancestral Healing Identity Theory and African-Centered Thought.

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