Louis Guiden, Jr. Good Shepard, Youth Outreach “speaks” PIC, SPP


“Greatness can be achieved when someone is given the resources & an opporunity to excel.” Listen to Louis Giden Jr, Executive Director, Good Shepard, Youth Outreach,  WWW.GSYOWA.ORG speak truth to power. After years of community work and experience in the area he provides insights into how to reallocate resources to truly make a difference in South King County to reduce and prevent the harms of the carceral state with a focus on the school to prisonpipe line. South King County has seen an explosion of Black-IPOC families moving South in the past 10-20 years and has witnessed the impacts of gentrificaton, food insecurity and in-equality in resource allocations. The increase in Black-IPOC families is significant, however the economic growth, mediant incomes and support resources neccesary for these families to survive and thrive have fallen short. In the wake of limited resources there has been a larger increase per capita of young black and brown children in the halls of criminal justice systems than in the hall of graduation and college. Listen to this compelling dialogue about the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC), School to Prison Pipeline (SPP) as a part of the harm done in the Carceral State to primarily black and brown families.  


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